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Trial and error creates winner
PPG Imaging Awards - June 2019

Some fleet colour schemes come fully-formed and ready to go, from a professional design consultancy – while others are the result of several years of experimentation. This month’s finalist in the PPG Transport Imaging Awards, Christchurch’s SML Logging, fits quite firmly into the latter category. Its first decade featured a range of variants that were not always universally admired, but which eventually evolved into the smart livery that today makes the fleet one of the most recognisable in the region. The positive public identity is boosted by a tradition begun by founder Steve Murphy and enthusiastically carried on by son and company co-owner Chris. Every S.. ... 

Magical multiplier
PPG Imaging Awards - May 2019

It’s a side-effect of having trucks with an eyecatching livery that RAC Group director Andrew Boyhan finds amusing. “We’ve only got 15 or so trucks….but the fact that they look good and they’re out there working all the time, people think we’ve got hundreds of them!” RAC is a Christchurch-based company specialising in civil construction work and road transport – heavily involved in the post-earthquake rebuild, infrastructure development and new residential and commercial developments. Last year, after getting-by with a fleet of secondhand trucks for its first eight or nine years, the company bought its first new trucks – a pai.. ... 

Super-low...super yellow
PPG Imaging Awards - April 2019

A change of colour scheme based on “gut feeling” has stood the test of time for Auckland company Carr & Haslam – this month’s finalist in the PPG Transport Imaging Awards. The striking yellow paint, broken by a brown stripe with an orange highlight, is shown off to good effect on the newest addition to the fleet – a low-riding Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3246 vehicle transporter. “It’s a really smart-looking truck,” says Chris Carr, a director of the historic family business, which now specialises in transporting light vehicles, carting LPG and general freight. One of the oldest road transport operators in the country, Carr & Haslam .. ... 

The sameā€¦.only different
PPG Imaging Awards - March 2019

To most people, Temuka Transport’s distinctive two-tone green and white livery has probably looked much the same for decades. But, as operations manager Gutsy (Garry) Aitken points out, the look of the fleet is actually constantly evolving – most notably of late by way of swooshes on the cab doors replacing the former zig-zag stripes. The swirls/swooshes, which are a stylised version of the company logo, were introduced in 2014 – in a branding revamp that also included a new treatment for the company name on the side of the cab. Gone was the old horizontal stripe, framed top and bottom by the company name in the shape of an ellipse. Ever since then the new look h.. ... 

Trans West transformations
PPG Imaging Awards - February 2019

It’s a trucking operation that’s been around on the Coast for 60 years. It’s just that it’s had a handful of different owners, three different colour schemes….and two different names in that time. Trans West Freighters started out in Greymouth in 1958, the name first registered by Peter Gurr and Barry Hurley, its trucks bearing a cream and brown livery. The name stayed the same for around four decades…with a colour scheme that was also little changed – with a red stripe added and the cream sometimes supplemented (or replaced) with white. By 1986, TWF’s West Coast owners were sharing the company with Nelson-based TNL and Northern So.. ... 

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