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Giti Tyres Big Test
 December 2019     DAF CF FAT 530 6x4   Story Wayne Munro Photos Gerald Shacklock

Giti Tyres Big Test - Mountain Master So, imagine you’re the New Zealand distributor for a truck make and you need to put a new model through a bit of a Kiwi fitness test – ensure that it’s going to be suitable in NZ conditions. Check that the combination of its new automated manual transmission and revised 13-litre engine is going to be up to the job of dealing with NZ’s steep, sharp up and downhills – as against the autobahn, auto strada, autoweg and auto route running that it’s already been pro..

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Iveco June 20

NZ Truck & Driver News

Top truck retailer Keith Andrews dies
New Zealand new truck industry giant Keith Andrews, who died in November, turned a modest FUSO dealership into a company said to be the country’s biggest new truck retailer. His family says that Keith was “a lead..

Road Transport Forum News

Taking the cheap option on safety
Over the last couple of months, we have seen the beginning of the new emphasis on road safety. Unfortunately, investing in newer, safer roads to deal with our growing population and economy is not on the table. Instead, the..

Fleet Focus

As tough as you make it…
There are a few negatives that come as part and parcel of Don Wilson’s line of trucking business. They come in the form of compliance demands, regulations…..and more compliance demands. And more regulations. A..

TRT Recently Registered

Truck sales record streak runs on
The new truck market continued to be in record-breaking form in October. The month itself produced the best October performance ever in terms of registrations in the overall (4.5 tonnes-plus GVM) market – the 480 sales..

PPG Imaging Awards

There’s love in the livery
A love of trucks, a passion to show them off at their best….and a tribute to family members tragically lost on the highway are heartfelt factors in the presentation of Gisborne transport operator Tim Greaves’ truc..

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    December 2019 | Read Now
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