It’s only (so far) a fleet of 10 bulk trucks…


doesn’t amount to anything sensational when it’s set in the midst of one of New Zealand’s single biggest road construction projects.


But this modest fleet, employed on the $850million Transmission Gully motorway construction project north of Wellington, is actually just the tip of an impressive road transport industry iceberg.


The lineup is, in fact, an insight into a remarkable operation that’s an impressive – and growing – power in the trucking industry.


There’s a business philosophy that reckons there’s strength in diversity…and another that embraces the idea of being all things to all people: The old one-stop-shop approach. Both are on show with the company that imported, built, sold and owns these trucks.


If that sounds unlikely, here’s how it works: The fleet is a showcase for some (not all, by any means) of the capabilities of longtime trucking industry businessman/entrepreneur Robin Ratcliffe’s Modern Transport Group.


The trucks, for instance, are Sinotruks – a Chinese make that Modern Transport took over the NZ distribution rights for in October 2018. They’re fitted with ejector (push-off) bodies – designed to be safer than a tipper for unloading on side-slopes. And the bulk bodies are built by Roadmaster Trailers – a company that Modern Transport Group bought in September 2018.


To complete the Modern Transport circle, the trucks are owned by another Ratcliffe company, Equipment & Transport Leasing (ETL) – working for the Transmission Gully sub-contractors, the CPB HEB joint-venture.


Modern Transport reckons that soon more Sinotruks will be joining ETL’s current lineup on the Transmission Gully job – all bulk trucks…some more with ejector bodies, others more traditional tippers...




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