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Transport and the provision of transport infrastructure are always areas of major policy debate in any election. However, the 2020 general election, more than any other within recent memory, promises to be a contest characterised in part by the different transport plans of our major political parties. “The infrastructure deficit that has been building over a few decades has become acute and a number of chickens are now coming home to roost,” says RTF’s Nick Leggett. “New Zealand seems to have been content to watch our population grow, especially in urban centres – and, with that, the expansion of our economy. However, we have completely failed to provid..
Road Transport Forum News - April 2020

Figures released by KiwiRail show that 2019 had the lowest number of collisions between vehicles and trains on record. Last year, there were 12 collisions between vehicles and trains – just two of them involving heavy vehicles. This was down from 25 collisions in 2018, three of which involved heavy vehicles. “We really want to commend New Zealand motorists and truck drivers on this outcome,” says TrackSAFE NZ manager Megan Drayton. “While obviously one collision is one too many, it’s encouraging to see the number of collisions come down to such a low level at a time when traffic on both the road and rail networks continues to increase. “Peo..
Road Transport Forum News - April 2020

When you head to the ballotbox on September 19, you aren’t just going to be voting in a general election….you will also be asked to vote on two binding referendums that could have far reaching consequences for our community. The first is around the question of euthanasia – specifically do you support the End of Life Choice Act 2019 coming into force? – the Act being the legislation that gives people with a terminal illness the option of requesting assisted dying. Parliament has already passed the End of Life Choice Act 2019, but it will only come into force if a majority vote ‘Yes’ in the referendum. The second referendum – and the one t..
Road Transport Forum News - April 2020
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