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Coronavirus convulsions
TRT Recently Registered - June 2020

The coronavirus wreaked havoc with New Zealand’s new truck market in April – the Level 4 state of emergency, unsurprisingly, reducing monthly registrations to historic lows. The widespread expectation that this unprecedented closedown of the country to stop the global COVID-19 pandemic taking a devastating hold here, came to pass – with a vengeance. Just 89 new trucks in the overall market (all trucks with a GVM of 4.5 tonnes or more) were registered….and trailermakers put a mere eight units on the road. The scale of the savaging that the heavy commercial vehicle market took in April is revealed by a comparison of the figures with those for the same month .. ... 

Sales drop...again
TRT Recently Registered - May 2020

New Zealand’s new heavy truck market continued its slowdown in March – with sales lagging behind last year’s levels for the third consecutive month. The 347 new truck registrations for the month in the overall market (trucks with a GVM of 4.5 tonnes or higher), was 149 down (that’s a drop of almost 30%) on March 2019’s sales. And that, in turn, saw the 1045 year-to-date registrations tally at the end of March 19% down on the 1300 for the first three months of 2019. It’s the lowest first quarter performance since 2016, when 901 trucks were registered. The heavy trailer market had an even worse month, with just 91 registrations (40% down on Ma.. ... 

Two months…. two lows
TRT Recently Registered - April 2020

New Zealand’s new heavy truck market continued to slow in February – with sales down for the second month in a row. The 314 new truck registrations for the month – in the overall market (trucks with a maximum GVM of 4.5 tonnes and above) – was 75 down on the same month last year (which, granted, did set an alltime February best). And that, in turn, saw the 698 registrations total for the first two months of 2020 13.29% behind 2019’s 805 at the same point. NZ Transport Agency registration statistics show that the heavy trailer market continued to be pretty similar to the start of 2019 – the 219 registrations for the first two months of 2020 just .. ... 

Slow start for truck sales
TRT Recently Registered - March 2020

After a successful end to last year’s heavy truck sales, which saw New Zealand’s new truck market with its best-ever year, 2020 has started slowly, with sales down in January. The 384 trucks (with a GVM of 4.5 tonnes-plus) registered in the first month of the year was 7.7% down on the 416 sales in January 2019. At the same time, official NZ Transport Agency registration data shows that trailer registrations in January were up slightly on 2019 – the 116 sales five ahead of January 2019 registrations. The leaders in both the overall truck market and the trailer market continued where they left off in 2019 – with longtime No. 1s Isuzu and Patchell still outfr.. ... 

It’s a new record
TRT Recently Registered - February 2020

New Zealand’s new truck sales hit record-breaking heights last year – eclipsing 2017’s previous best annual result by 105 trucks. The new milestone for the overall market (trucks with a GVM above 4.5 tonnes) was achieved despite a December sales slump. That month saw just 315 registrations. Remarkably, that was still 35 up on the same month in 2018 – thanks to that having been the worst December result in six years, putting paid to a likely record that year. So 2019’s 5314 total sales amounted to 150 more trucks than 2018’s total…and a modest 2% improvement on 2017’s 5209 former record. Within last year’s milestone market, .. ... 

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