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GoodYear Big Test - Mack MP10

Driver Rhys Jones spent a few hours laST night worrying about this test – understandably, given the newness of this Mack Super-Liner.


The 50MAX-rated truck and trailer tipper combination, operated by Fulton Hogan Central out of Cromwell in Central Otago, has been in service less than a week – so he’s not yet fully up to speed with its ins and outs.


Fleet Focus

It’s an Auckland trucking company that’s celebrating a landmark 50 years of existence.


But it’s seconds, not years or decades, that people often measure Gleeson & Cox Transport by, as managing director James Gleeson explains: “They call us the minute men. Because you see a (Gleeson & Cox) truck every minute, driving down the motorway.”


NZ Truck & Driver News

The much-hyped Tesla Semi electric heavy

-duty truck has been launched in the United States – with many innovative details revealed to back up the PR spin.

Tesla CEO and product architect Elon Musk stepped down from the cab of one of two examples of the long-awaited  Tesla to highlight its features before an audience of around 1200 people – many of them journalists from around the world. He was greeted with rousing cheers.


Road Transport Forum

MMP reminds me of the

 description that rugby commentators give at the end of a game when the score’s tied – that “it feels a bit like kissing your sister.”


As a voter you sit down on election night, having put up with what (this year at least) seemed to be a campaign that went on forever, you watch the results come in…..and you end up going to bed none-the-wiser.


TRT Recently Registered

The new truck market continued to be in record-breaking mode in October – for the eighth straight month.


The month itself produced the best October ever for registrations in the overall 4.5 tonnes-plus GVM market, the 439 sales a 3% improvement on the 2014 previous best (and 34% up on the same month in 2016)….



PPG Awards

When it comes to designing fleet colour schemes, there’s no such thing as a universal that suits every circumstance. In some companies, the weight of a century or more of history is the primary dictate – and despite updates to follow changing fashions and cab shapes, the layout of the years is retained.


Others – sometimes following a change of ownership or a radical change of marketing emphasis – opt at some stage for a clean sheet and a professional design exercise.




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