From anonymous to awesome

A trucking company that just a few years ago was running plain (almost anonymous), mostly-white trucks, has been judged the best-looking fleet of the year in the annual PPG Transport Imaging Awards.


In a classic example of the transformative powers of a good fleet livery, Bombay-based N&J Wood’s bulk tipper business has boomed since Neil and Joanne Wood bought their first new truck in 2013.


And Neil happily reckons that it wouldn’t have happened if not for the fact that Joanne loved the look of the retro hotrod-styled International LoneStar that was arguably THE star of the 2013 Transport & Heavy Equipment Expo at Mystery Creek.


It prompted them to scrap their plans to buy a sensible (but boring) Inter 7600…and order the LoneStar instead.

The iconic retro-styled conventional just happened to be painted in a spectacular turquoise colour, which had been enhanced for its starring role at the THE Expo with distinctive white, silver, navy blue and black/blue striping by Truck Signs in Mount Maunganui.


And that paint and striping package became the N&J Wood livery – with the striping extended back from the cab, along the side of the tippers’ bulk bins, broken by a big V-shaped space that accommodates a new N&J Wood logo.


The standout look now graces 13 trucks (most of them bought new). The lineup comprises six makes (Volvo, DAF, Mack, Peterbilt, Renault and International), 10 different models, a mix of cabovers and conventionals…..and the livery looks spectacularly good on all of them!


So good that Neil Wood says straightout that “in all fairness it HAS transformed the business. If we hadn’t got the LoneStar we probably wouldn’t be where we are now.”


The point is, the Wood trucks are unmissable – and that’s brought the business “to the fore in people’s minds.”

Be they the members of the public and truck enthusiasts who “are always ringing up” the N&J Wood office to find out where its trucks are – so they can take photos of them….....




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