A proposed new route from Turihaua that will take heavy trucks out of inner Gisborne will benefit all, says architectural designer Chris Shaw.


The benefits of the proposed new route are myriad, Shaw told The Herald.


With logging a major force in the region, the number of logging trucks on the road is only going to increase, enough for the public to eventually demand change he says.


“I’m sure log truck drivers take no pleasure from driving straight through the middle of town.”


He presented his idea to Gisborne district councillors last week.


Mr Shaw proposes that logging trucks use a route along a current paper road from Turihaua to just before the end of Matokitoki Valley Road. It will bypass the hospital to Hansen Road, Pilmers Road, Farmers Road, Bushmere Road and State Highway 2 to a log processing hub in Willows Road.


After processing the logs would be transported by quiet and nimble electric vehicles along a purpose-built bypass through the railway reserve, with overpasses at Lytton Road, Stanley Road and over the Turanganui River.


This way, Shaw argues, the logs will be shipped directly to the port, avoiding the city centre and the delays that it brings, making operations more efficient.


There will be no more heavy trucks or vast log storage, which will not only free up parking but resolve many environmental issues such as water contamination and stormwater issues.


Shaw told councillors his proposal is “a conversation starter”.

Posted on Thursday 4th April 2019

Proposed Log Truck Route Would Benefit Gisborne, says, Local Designer



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