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Posted: 23-Jan-2020 |

Keep track of valuable cargo and non-powered assets in your fleet with Teletrac Navman’s new asset tracking sensors.

The small GPS units both offer exceptional long-life battery performance with rugged durability. Using the latest IoT (Internet of Things) LTE-Cat-M1 (4G) networks, these asset tracking sensors provide years of reliable location tracking and cost-effective asset management. 

Fleet managers can track locations, know when assets move onto a site or from it, and will better understand maintenance and improve utilisation. The solution also allows fleet managers to locate and recover stolen assets, thus reducing insurance premiums and lost revenue for the business. 

Transport and logistics

Ensuring fleet managers have visibility across all assets is key to making sure that a transport and logistics business doesn’t lose sight of its equipment. This includes tracking valuable cargo on route to a customer location, managing assets across multiple depots, and tracking unpowered machinery, auxiliary equipment and tools. An asset tracking sensor ensures assets and payload are always safe – and quickly recoverable when stolen.

Agriculture and forestry

Ensuring that work sites and projects are running efficiently can be difficult without technology.  Teletrac Navman asset tracking sensors allows both agriculture and forestry businesses to digitise worksites and provides a means to better understand utilisation, locations, maintenance, safety and more.

Operate confidently and rapidly accelerate productivity with connected assets. Take a look at Teletrac Navman’s asset tracking sensors or call us on 0800 447 735

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