As the New Zealand Transport Agency’s regulatory catchup work rolls on – after a decade of inattention and under-resourcing – transport operators are having to deal with the day-to-day impacts of the constantly-changing compliance landscape.


However, that is not the end of it! Operators should also be anticipating and preparing for significant changes to how they’re assessed (in the Operator Rating System and when applying for heavy vehicle permits) in future.


In the case of the heavy vehicle specialist certifier compliance review, the Road Transport Forum is becoming more and more frustrated that road transport businesses are having to pay the price for the NZTA’s regulatory failures over the last decade or so.


 April’s announcement that the situation with the Patrick Chu designed drawbars and drawbeams was worse than previously thought, was another blow to a number of operators.


The Agency’s decision to deal with the problem by granting exemptions for three, six, or 12 months, means that some operators are having to deal with running trailers with a 25% reduction in operating mass.


Under the circumstances, RTF accepts that the exemption programme and the mass reductions are the only responsible way of protecting public safety. However, such actions as undertaken by the Agency do have significant financial ramifications for many operators – and potential wider economic impacts.....




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