It is with some considerable sadness that I inform you that this is to be my last column for New Zealand Truck & Driver magazine in my capacity as chief executive of the Road Transport Forum.


As many will no doubt be aware, I am retiring from the role in early December to pursue a slightly slower pace of life in the Bay of Plenty.


I have thoroughly enjoyed my eight years representing the interests of the road transport industry and particularly the broader association membership. This is a very special industry full of really good and hardworking people.


Yes, of course, the industry has its challenges – and some of those are quite considerable. But in many ways that just proves how important the sector is to the country and the livelihood of most Kiwis.


I’m not going to go through a list of issues and initiatives that RTF has been involved in during my eight years here as that would be extremely tedious, but a key overarching theme that I have sought to promote through our advocacy work has been just what a critical part of the economy the road transport industry is and how important it is to remind people of that.


As ancient Chinese general and political strategist Sun Tzu said, “the line between disorder and order lies in logistics…”


Domestic freight transport is not conventionally thought of as “adding value” when it comes to the production side of our economy and is more often than not perceived as a deadweight expense...




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