Advertorial - Let drivers focus on the road, not the paperwork
Posted: 10-Jun-2021 |

Commercial drivers have a lot on their plate – they must deliver goods safely and on time while contending with road and weather conditions. They may have several jobs in a day and be given extra jobs during the day. On top of this, they need to manage and record their work-time, in accordance with law, in a paper-based driver logbook. 

This is where Teletrac Navman’s electronic logbook, Sentinel, can take the reporting load off drivers and help them to self-manage fatigue – so they can get on with the driving task.

Easy for the driver

Work-time rules are complex. With the correct built-in rule sets, Sentinel helps drivers to record their time, manage their time and stick to the rules around rest breaks. It records the location and distance recording details, so drivers don’t need to. The application also shows a countdown timer and an audio and visual alert that prompts drivers to rest – giving plenty of warning to find a pit stop.

The back-office buddy

Sentinel is an all-in-one, easy-to-use platform that eliminates paperwork and the uncertainty of manual reporting. Administration staff can easily check data while the driver is on the road as the logbook data is recorded in the Teletrac Navman system in real-time. 

Sentinel also allows you to:

•  Schedule work based on real driver fatigue information 

•  Digitise the work to reduce potential penalties caused by the complexities of complying with work-time rules

•  Have a complete overview of all driver work hours

Help your drivers stay safe and your business compliant the paperless way with Sentinel. Learn more about Sentinel on Teletrac Navman’s website – Click here.

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