Giti Tyres Big Test


December 2023 - GITI Tyres Big Test - Super Efficiency

      Scania G 560 B8x4NA   Story Colin Smith Photos Gerald Shacklock

Scania’s big product news for 2023 is the recent launch of its latest generation `Super’ six-cylinder models.

A mainstay of the Scania line-up in Europe, the Super models have tended to be overshadowed by the big horsepower of the V8 models for the New Zealand market.

But that is changing gradually as an increasing number of fleets turn to the fuel efficiency of the 13-litre six-cylinder – with the trend likely to gather pace as the third generation of the DC13 family finds its place across the Scania line-up.

The new Supers officially debuted here in early October but there have been a handful of trucks arrive earlier and go to work. That includes the first three G 560s from an order of seven loggers for McCarthy Transport.

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In New Zealand the Scania marque is best known for its 16-litre V8 engines and big horsepower ratings. But that is gradually changing.

Scania’s new Super range with its new 13-litre six-cylinder engine range is another step in that direction. Last month we were hosted at the Hampton Downs race circuit by the Scania team for the official launch of this new engine platform and the new gearbox which accompanies it.

It was a nice introduction and a first taste of the new Super, but you can only do so much on a racetrack with a cab chassis. Fast forward a month and we are putting this new engine through its paces with the McCarthy Transport team.

This month’s Big Test sees us aboard a new G 560 (you can get any cab with this engine platform) logger running on a 54 tonne permit. We  load just north of Whanganui from a skid site on the west side of SH4 and head for Taupo. I get my chance behind the wheel at Raetihi and run the truck through to Turangi.

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