Giti Tyres Big Test

GITI Tyres Big Test
      Kenworth K 220 2.3m Flat Roof 8x4   Story Colin Smith Photos Gerald Shacklock

GITI Tyres Big Test -Forest Flagship

There’s a shiny and stylish newcomer at work in the Bay of Plenty forests, and it hasn’t taken long for it to spark up a bit of conversation on the CB and bush radio.

The new flagship for the Rotorua-based Williams & Wilshier Transport fleet is a Kenworth K220 8x4 logger in 2.3m flat roof sleeper cab configuration. While the exterior changes from Kenworth’s previous K200 generation are pretty subtle, the eyes of logging truck drivers and loader operators are sharp – and the...

GITI Tyres Big Test
      Iveco T-Way 510 AD 6x4   Story Colin Smith Photos Gerald Shacklock

GITI Tyres Big Test - Loyal Blue

One of the recent changes in the `down under’ truck manufacturing industry was the mid-2022 closure of Iveco’s Australian assembly plant at Dandenong, near Melbourne.

The facility remains for specialist builds and customisation work, but Australasia-specific models have been phased out. The closure also fast-tracked the introduction of Iveco’s latest generation S-Way and T-Way models built in Spain, providing customers with upgraded technology including Euro VI emissions complia...

GITI Tyres Big Test
      Scania R 620 B8x4HZ XT   Story Colin Smith Photos Gerald Shacklock

GITI Tyres Big Test - The long Hauler 

The low-revving eight-cylinder growl of Scania’s unique 16-litre is being heard more often around the off-highway logging network of the North Island’s central plateau.

The V8 pioneer in this forest is Taupo-based Northern Linehaul Ltd. NLL firstly introduced The Hulk (a Scania R 620 working at up to 80 tonnes) to the off-highway scene in late-2018 and delivered a sequel last year with Black Adam, the Scania S 730 off-highway double hauling up to 120 tonnes of timber...

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