Giti Tyres Big Test

Giti Tyres Big Test
 May 2018     Western Star / Cummins X15 engine   Story: Mike Stock - Photos: Gerald Shacklock

Giti Tyres Big Test: A Cummins Comeback

Variety is the spice, as they say....but for kiwi western Star buyers, for a couple of years, there just wasn't any of it.

Well not, at least, when it came to engine choice. In the style of Henry Ford's "you can have it in any color you long as it's black" approach with the Model T, the classic North American owner/driver brand offered any engine you wanted - as long as it was a Detroit.

Now, that's changed - with the addition of the Cummins X15 engine, rated up to 620-...

Giti Tyres Big Test
 April 2018     ISUZU CYZ460 6x4   Story: Wayne Munro | Photos: Gerald Shacklock

Giti Tyres Big Test: The Best...of the Rest

So, what do you reckon the single best-selling model of New Zealand's best-selling truck make - Isuzu - is?

The 530-horsepower GIGA maybe - seeing as it's the flagship for the Japanese brand? Or, probably much more likely, one of its ever-popular light-duty N Series range?

Nope. Surprisingly (even Isuzu Trucks NZ general manager Colin Muir raised an eyebrow when he checked the figures) the best of the best turns out to be a bit of a sleeper - the CYZ460 version of the GIGA ra...

Giti Tyres Big Test
 March 2018     Kenworth Legend 900 6x4   Story: Mike Stock | Photos: Gerald Shacklock

Giti Tyres Big Test: A Stand Out Even in a Crowd

Travel Auckland's motorways and you can't miss them: Gleeson & Cox's tippers with their distinctive red, blue and white livery seem to be everywhere.

That's not surprising, given that the fleet totals more than 100 trucks, and that the Wiri-based company is a major carrier of roading metal for motorways and other big infrastructure jobs, plus other bulk loads.

On an electronic display board mounted on the wall of Gleeson & Cox's dispatch office, lights show the l...

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