Double Coin Imaging Awards


Double Coin Imaging Awards -

There’s a new name and a bold new look signalling the transformation of one of New Zealand’s largest and longest-established transport and logistics companies. 

That’s the story behind the unmissable blue, white, and orange MOVe Logistics livery that began appearing on NZ highways during the second half of 2021.

MOVe Logistics is a rebrand and consolidation of the company formerly known as TIL (Transport Investments Ltd) Logistics Group – which can trace its family tree back to horse-drawn Taranaki beginnings….with the formation of Hooker Bros Transport in 1869. 

That’s just over 150 years in the transport business and you’ll see the tagline, “Taking care o... ... 

Double Coin Imaging Awards -

It was late 2000 when Mark Picard and his wife Lisa founded their Rerewhakaaitu, Rotorua, transport company.

Deciding on a colour scheme turned out to be an easy part of the move into the business venture – thanks to the purchase of a one-year-old Mitsubishi logger from a Tauranga operator.

Mark explains: “The colour scheme comes from the Shogun I bought from Brian O’Malley. He was a great guy, and he was really good to me when I was getting started.”

He and Lisa clearly liked the colour scheme on the Mitsi – “in fact,” Mark confesses, “that’s one of the reasons I bought that truck. And that’s why we’ve stuck with the same colours.”

Now, as M.A. & L.P. Picard c... ... 

Double Coin Imaging Awards -

Generation Y Auckland transport operator Kohan Wilson’s background shines through in the look of his fast-growing fleet of trucks.

The 35-year-old channels an interesting mix of a love of fast Mazda rotaries, old Holdens and Harleys, plus social media smarts, biker/skatie culture….

And memories of growing up being helluva impressed by big trucks with towering exhaust stacks coming down the road – loving how they looked like something out of Mad Max.

He’s also clearly driven to succeed, entrepreneurial, not afraid to take risks, knows what he wants….and goes right after it.

The result of all that reveals itself these days in spectacular fashion. That’s spectacul... ... 

Double Coin Imaging Awards -

When Waikato brothers Vaughan and Grayson Laurent – and their wives, Dani and Larissa – started their trucking business, there was never any question about what the company colour was going to be.

Simple: It would be the colour of the secondhand truck they’d bought to launch their business.

The brothers – both qualified mechanics, but with a love of trucks – were just 28 (Vaughan) and 24 (Grayson) when they started Laurent Contractors…

And, as Vaughan puts it, they were starting out with virtually nothing – except enthusiasm and determination.

They had no guaranteed work – and only enough money to buy a 14-year-old Foden Alpha. It was still in the red of origin... ... 

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