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A colour scheme conundrum
NZ Transport Imaging Awards - August 2021

What happens when one iconic regional transport company is taken over by another – both of them with well-known names and standout colour schemes?

Does the new owner keep the name and the colour scheme of the company it’s purchased…

Or does it rationalise things – gradually phase out the acquired name and livery, absorbing the operation into its 

own business?

That question arises with Wairarapa Livestock Transport and its electric blue trucks, with their sharp red, silver and white stripes.

It’s a good-looking livery that’s been a common sight on roads and farms in the Wairarapa for 40 years – the colour scheme staying largely unchanged through a co... ... 

Courtesy of Kirsty and the kids
NZ Transport Imaging Awards - July 2021

Payment for consulting on and deciding which one of a few options for the colour scheme on KTL Transport’s new Kenworth K200 was unusual, to say the least.

What it came down to was this: The very first trip for the brand-new vivid red logger, with its eyecatching shaded silver and grey stripes, pinstriping and scrollwork, was a school run – delivering Ollie and Maggie Karangaroa to their Napier school!

How come? Simple, as company co-owner Kent Karangaroa explains: His kids – Maggie, five, and eight-year-old Ollie – were the ones who made the final decision, along with his wife (and business partner) Kirsty.

Dean Evenson from Sign It Up, Napier, who has done the comp... ... 

Big bright green rescue machine
NZ Transport Imaging Awards - June 2021

When towing company boss Brooke Bartle decided he needed a new colour scheme for his towtrucks, he had to do it quickly: His next truck was already in the paint shop!

It was five years ago – and Bartle, managing director of Rotorua Towing Services, Big Rig Rescue and Taupo Towing Company, had just sold his interest in Auckland-based Ace Towing to brother Che.

The Bartle family originally started out with just Rotorua Towing, running blue trucks. However, they’d subsequently bought Ace….which had yellow and white trucks – so the Rotorua Towing trucks (and the Taupo Towing trucks) were switched to the same branding.

On selling out of Ace, Brooke decided to change the R... ... 

Beyond the Rainbow
NZ Transport Imaging Awards - May 2021

Unsurprisingly, Rainbow Park Nurseries’trucks used to feature rainbows in their colour scheme – as a key part of the 45-year-old Ramarama-based company’s logos.

The mainly white trucks were brightened by a horizontal green stripe and bumpers, a green, red and orange rainbow that was part of the Rainbow Park Nurseries logo….plus a similar Rainbow Trees logo (yep, also featuring a rainbow), in three shades of green.

But times change, and a couple of years ago the business decided that its “moving billboards” – the company trucks that deliver over 1.5 million plants a year to retailers across the country – would be better employed promoting its core brand.

All of the pl... ... 

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